Concrete Mesh

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Welded Reinforcing Mesh or Concrete Reinforcing Mesh is generally used for concrete slab construction like in dooms and roadways. It helps to make a construction last much longer. It is a popular way to reinforce concrete. Concrete mesh is used to enhance the strength of sidewalks and roadways. It is manufactured from metal rods and these rods bonded with spot welding in a perpendicular shape.
Concrete mesh is the most common material used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Concrete reinforcing mesh is mainly divided into pieces of wire and rebar welded. All of these consist in the form of a grid pattern. The size of each and every grid pattern is a four inch by four inch up to eight inch by eight inch.

Welded reinforcing mesh or concrete reinforcing mesh can be divided into different types including:

  • Rectangular welded mesh with wires crossed. This is available in rectangular form.
  • Square opening welded mesh with wires crossed in a square form. It is supported for both transversal wires and longitudinal wires.
  • Welded wire mesh used for vertical wall buildings.

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Concrete Reinforcing Mesh or Welded Reinforcing Mesh is generally used for:

  • Shear walls
  • Topping slabs
  • Retaining walls
  • Slab on grad reinforcement
  • Tilt up construction wall system
  • Floor and wall systems
  • Mechanically stabilized earth reinforcement
  • Architectural precast wall panels

It provides the exact and perfect size of reinforcement where required various bar sizes and spacing. Save your time and money by using welded reinforcing mesh or concrete reinforcing mesh. The concrete reinforcement mesh length does not limit.

Properties of Concrete Reinforcement Mesh

  • High toleration of tensile strain
  • High relative strength
  • Thermal capability

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