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Reinforcing Steel Bars

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All Rebar Grades, All Sizes, All Materials, All Coatings

We have a highly experienced team of reinforcement rebar service providers, delivering quality steel mesh and a high range of rebars. Working exclusively, Ontario as a reinforcement rebar service provider, help you identify and resolve construction issues without delay or cost over-runs. We are open to help you in reducing the cost of your project. You just need to contact us during your design phase and there you are! Best Steel Reinforcement Bars

Efficient and on time reinforcement rebar service provider
Ontario rebars manage to handle large-scale projects efficiently and on time is the best Reinforcement rebar, service provider. We constantly update our machinery and processes to deliver steel mesh, wire mesh, concrete mesh, and other Rebar products safely.

Exclusive variants and range of reinforcing steel bars!

The Rebar You Need, Delivered When You Want It

Ontario Rebars is a full-service rebar fabricator capable of handling projects from a few hundred pounds to several thousand tons. We are constantly updating our machinery and processes to deliver the highest quality product safely and efficiently.

Highly skilled operators combined with automated cutting and bending machinery ensure that the material that arrives at your Jobsite is right the first time. Whether a small addition to a commercial building, or a several thousand-ton treatment plant, we have the experience, manpower, and equipment to take on the most complex fabrication challenges.

Best Steel Reinforcement Bars

Epoxy Coated

Epoxy coating is still the preferred corrosion-resistant coating for many provinces and municipalities. As an independently owned fabrication shop, we have the ability to coat bars, allowing us to maintain a full inventory of coated bars. ASTM A775 Epoxy coated rebar is fabricated after coating using special tooling, bins, and slings to protect the coating at our fabrication shop. We can also provide coated bars conforming to ASTM A934 (coat after fabrication), and ASTM A1055 dual-coated (VT Level II). Steel Reinforcement Bars for Sales


Through our partnerships with several galvanizers, we have the ability to provide hot-dipped galvanized rebar to any size project. Uncoated material is first cut and bent at our fabrication facility, and then it is transported to the galvanizer where it is hot dipped in molten zinc. Special tags are used that are impervious to the chemicals used in the galvanizing process to ensure that your rebar arrives on-site clearly labeled. For more information on hot-dip galvanized (standard ACNOR G164), call us. For more information, please refer to the Canadian Standards Association CAN/CSA G30.18-M92 standard.

Below is a list of the wire mesh we keep in stock and if you don’t see it listed we can get it. Please call with any special orders.

  • 8’x 20′ sheets
  • 6×6 10/10
  • 6×6 8/8
  • 6×6 6/6
  • 6×6 4/4
  • 4×4 4/4
  • 4×4 6/6

We are committed to having what our customers need when they need it. We can find what you’re looking for, whatever it is.

All estimating, detailing, fabrication, and delivery are done in-house. This makes project communication simple and ensures your rebar is precision-fabricated and delivered when you expect it at a competitive price. Ontario Rebarrs team will help your large and small projects stay on schedule. Shorts and small quantities are available in 48 hours, sometimes in as little as 2 hours. Walk-in/pickup welcome for small orders.

  • Prompt communication
  • Speedy change orders
  • Precision cuts and bends
  • Accurate, on-time delivery

Contact us now to discuss your project, request an estimate, and to order rebar.