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Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) / Mesh / Reinforcement (WWR) – Made to Size Mesh

Welded wire fabric / mesh / reinforcement reduces construction labor costs by eliminating the need to tie individual rebar on the job site. Placing time can also be reduced significantly. Contact us to discuss your project and see whether welded wire fabric / mesh / reinforcement can reduce your project labor costs, help keep your project on schedule – or both!

Specs conversion: We can convert your project specs from rebar to welded wire fabric. Or convert specs from welded wire fabric to rebar.

Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) – Standard Sizes

In stock, available for same day/next day pick-up or delivery. Call for pricing.

ASTM A185 plain steel welded wire fabric for concrete
ASTM 497 deformed steel welded wire fabric for concrete

Made-to-Size (MTS) mesh is a customized mesh manufactured by us. Sheets up to 9 x 3 m are manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment. MTS mesh minimizes waste and saves time and labour by eliminating excess carrying, cutting and tying of mesh sheets. MTS mesh can also create construction efficiency with precast tilt-up concrete panels manufactured on site. The machine is able to offer reduced flying ends and variable wire spacing in order to maximize the efficiency of mesh use.

Welded Reinforcement Mesh for Construction

Welded Reinforcement Mesh (for construction) is regularly used for concrete slab construction, such as roadways, in curved structures such as in domes and as bonding fabric for gunite. The cost, time and labor savings of welded wire fabric reinforcing offers an advantage over traditional tied rebar.

Welded Reinforcement Mesh can be classified into four major types:

  • Rectangular Welded Mesh with wires crossed in a form of a rectangle, and longitudinal wire as the supporting one.
  • Square opening welded steel mesh with wires crossed in a form of a square, and both longitudinal and transversal wires as supporting ones.
  • Welded Wire Mesh for vertical wall building.
  • Special type.

Product description

The welded steel wire fabric meets the ACNOR G30.5-M1998 standards. Hot-dip galvanized wire mesh (available upon request). Other types of wire mesh are available by special order.


Wire mesh, standard sizes, weight and dimensions: R* Coil of 6′ x 100′ (available upon request).

Technical Specifications

  • 6×6 10/10 21 R*
  • 6×6 9/9 25 R*
  • 6X6 8/8 30 8’X20′
  • 6X6 6/6 42 R* – 4’X8′ – 8’X12′ – 8’X16′ – 8’X20′
  • 6X6 4/4 58 8’X12′ – 8’X20′
  • 6X6 2/2 78 8’X12′ – 8’X20′
  • 6X6 0/0 107 8’X12′ – 8’X20′
  • 4X4 6/6 62 8’X12′ – 8’X20′
  • 4X4 4/4 85 8’X12′ – 8’X20′
  • 2X2 10/10 60 4’X7′ – 4’X8′
  • 2X2 12/12 37 4’X7′ – 4’X8′

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